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more about PMusic: Parallel Music
Parallel Music (or 'PMusic') is a computer-based, algorithmic, indeterminate music system which allows for the creation of compositions that are different every time they are played - each playing is more like a performance than a replay. In some respects Parallel Music is a form of generative music in that it generates unique musical experiences each time it is activated; the key difference from many contemporary systems, such as Sseyo's 'KOAN' however, is in its application of the 'Son-Net' method (see below) rather than the use of synthesis to originate sounds.

The name is taken from the fact that Parallel musical events occur within this method - as opposed to the Serial unfoldings of normal linear sound reproduction (CD, tape, record etc.) It may also suggest this way in which the music parallels your life by being part of your 'here and now' rather than a fixed moment in time.
PMusic is structured through the 'Son-Net' system:

are sounds (or sound sources) which are gathered, worked and preselected by the composer; they are represented visually by a red circle ().

are a skein of rules which determine, by random methods, choice of Son, its volume, number of simultaneous Sons etc. as well as aspects such as panning and overall duration; they are represented visually by a green square ().

That the method is built from preselected sounds means that the system is not entirely worked within the computer but also incorporates dynamics from outside - in the 'real' world - allowing for a poetics of composition.
PMusic: Son-Net diagram
A Net and a collection of Sons within a 'Pool' (represented by the larger blue circle)
The challenge of PMusic is to make works that have a strong enough identity to be considered as definite musical forms while exhibiting the full beauty of indeterminacy - hence the motto 'always the same and never the same'.

A number of PMusic works have been developed during the past ten years but it is only now, with current developments in the web, computer processing speed etc. that PMusic can start to become available to a general audience. This year and beyond will see Chameleon Lectra continue to release PMusic pieces (some for free, such as SINGLES and 'Mobile Dawn'), continue 'open composition' projects such as Consemble and The Sound Of The Field and provide more detailed descriptions of the system in the form of writings and interactive models.

                                                                                                                                       Paul Ramsay 18th May '08
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PMusic: parallel music always the same - and never the same