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Parallel Music: More About Consemble
more key information about this 'open source'-inspired compositional project
Background and ground rules
Consemble is an ongoing, open compositions project launched by Chameleon Lectra on July 14th 2007.

The project is overseen by Paul Ramsay.

Consemble is a non-profit making venture - material will be available to all, for free, from this site.

The project has been inspired by the idea of 'open source' in that people are invited to build collective compositions (through the given framework).

There two kinds of Consemble: 'Open' and 'Invited' - 'Open' are for participation by a general audience; 'Invited' are for specific contributors. The majority will be 'Open'.

Once an 'Open' or 'Invited' Consemble reaches its licence deadline, the Consemble will understood to be 'Completed' and will be closed for submission but continue to be available to be listened to.

No copyrighted material or material likely to offend will be included in Consemble; however, the spirit is one of inclusiveness;-)

Sounds submitted are under the jurisdiction of the person who sent them. If there are any questions or problems, the sender will be contacted via email for discussion. Sounds will be removed at the request of the sender or if they are found to breach copyright.

Every contributor will be credited on the relevant Consemble page. Please include your name (or handle) and any links to your own website, if required, in your email. Please remember to specify the Consemble you are contributing to.

Creative guidelines and observations
Consemble is in the spirit of Mail Art, Cornelius Cardew's 'Scratch Orchestra' and the 'cut-up technique' of Tzara/Gysin/Burroughs (no fixed narrative).

This project does not seek to define 'music' or 'sound' as necessarily separate or different terms. 'Sound' as referred to in the rest of this text may also include 'music'.

For the purposes of this project the terms 'Son' and 'sound' are interchangeable (for more on PMusic terminology see more about PMusic).

The maximum contribution per person per Consemble is 6 Sons; however, you are welcome to contribute to every project.

Send sounds in the form of MP3s if you can; AIFFS and WAVS are also acceptable provided the size of each file doesn't exceed 3MB.

 Please keep the duration of Sons within the lengths specified by the Consemble brief. Short sounds can be very effective.

 The first eight Consemble licenses (A, B, C, D, E, F, C2, G) are now closed for submission but open for you to listen to. New Consembles were issued on the 21st May, by invitation (H, I, J) with one being open to all (K).

Each of the first eight Open Consembles (A, B, C, D, E, F, C2, G) were begun with 6 initial Sons to initiate the creative process, with room provided for 54 more, totalling 60. If and when the total number is exceeded, a new Consemble under that licence will be created (as in the case of Consemble: C1, Consemble: C2 etc.) Occasionally the potential Son number may be increased, as in the case of Consemble F (65) and Consemble C2 (78).

Each of the Open Consembles A, B, C, D, E, F, C2 and G plays 5 simultaneous channels of randomly chosen Sons; panning and volume are also randomised. This performative information is also referred to as a 'Net' (see more about PMusic).

Consembles H, I, J, K have an increased number of potential sons (78) and the Nets will also be develop in discussion with the contributors.

The more sounds are added, the more the Consemble will change and grow. You can influence the direction the Consemble takes by sending your own contributions.

Contributions of visual material will invited as the Consembles develop, beginning with Consemble K.

This project is still relatively new—let's see where it leads. One possibility is that the Consembles eventually form a collection, an 'album' of PMusic material. Feedback is welcome.

construct, assemble, compose, ensemble

PR - 24th May 2010    

(begun July 14th 2007)   

if you have any further questions or feedback please email:
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