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PMusic: Open Compositions
'There exist pieces about which it is said that their form or structure is "open"' (Mark Eslin).

Inspired by the concept of 'Open Source', Chameleon Lectra is developing 'Open Compositions' - projects in which sounds (and sometimes other elements) are contributed by people external to the site in order to build a music/sound art work. The word 'open' can be applied here in at least two ways: one, as in the 'open work' and two, as in 'open submission'.

The first of these, 'The Sound of the Field', was launched on the 28th January 2007 and featured sounds contributed during 2006 by members of the mail Art group 'Field Study' and other invited participants.

Consemble: P image
Consemble: Plymouth premiered as part of the Distributed City strand of the Sonic Art's Network's EXPO Plymouth 2007. This piece contains sounds contributed by the Fine Art staff at the University of Plymouth.

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July 14th 2007 saw the launch of a larger, ongoing sound art/music project entitled 'Consemble' in which you can take part - please email if you would like to receive the Chameleon Lectra newsletter keeping you informed about these and future projects.
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