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PMusic - Consemble: B
brief & information
Consemble: B licence
Theme: Dusk
Son type: around evening
 Licence: Open from 14th July 2007 until 31st Aug 2008
 The brief:
Dusk: the time when the day begins to dissolve into night. Just as the Dawn has its own accompanying chorus, Consemble B invited you to send musical sounds (Sons) to evoke twilight.

Around about evening - a time of day or a particular 'feel'?
Sounds pooled include: liquid swamp keyboards, birdlights, a fly drumming in a lampshade, deep percussion, electronic parseltongue, a crepuscular acoustic guitar, minimal impressionistic piano, mailed australian fauna and scale tones...
 Son number: 58  
PR; Saul Mapray; Martin (from Headphonica); Jockel Liess; Renzo Filinich; Val Bogan; Geoff Stocker; David Dellafiora; Sue Hartigan; Kevin Harper
This Consemble is now closed for contribution but open for listening

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Open Compositions - Consemble: B