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PMusic - Consemble: E
brief & information
Consemble: E licence
Theme: soul electric
Son type: electric soul
 Licence: Open from 1st Feb until 31st Aug 2009
 The brief:  
In a dream you walk into a club and hear a new genre of music that excites you. This music draws on both the silkyness and the rawness of Soul but is lit with the possibilities of electricity.

On waking, you send your sounds to this Consemble's address.
What does soul mean for you? What did you send?
Son number: 58  
Phillip Ramsay; Chantal Laurin/Watson Reggae Band; PR; Carla Cryptic; Michel Nolet; Hong in Young; Steve Moshier; Ted Houghtaling; Kevin Larmon; Oreneile Matlapeng; Dan Wheatley
This Consemble is now closed for contribution but open for listening

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Open Compositions - Consemble: E