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2PMusic - Consemble: C2
brief & information
Consemble: C2 licence (2)
Theme: the idea of voice
Son type: vox
 Second Licence: Open from 1st Sept 2008 until 31st Aug 2009
 The brief:
Just as we respond visually to the face, we give a special place in our sound world to the voice. A voice may be private or communal, loud or soft, questioning or assertive - and an exchange of voices (a very pleasurable thing sometimes) can be a conversation. We even hear voices in the non-human world.
This popular Consemble again requested sounds that communicate 'the idea of voice'.

talk - sing - whisper - screech - shout - babble - articulate - sigh - tell
 Son number: 72  
Renzo Filinich; Rainer Krause; Jack Morris; Maurizio Follin; Michel Nolet; Ron Crowcroft; Dewi Arts; PR; Ádám Kondor; Gatot D. Sulistiyanto; Hong in Young; Lesley Hubert; Cem Güney; Jen-Kuang Chang; Kevin Larmon; Fenge and Wazoh Matlapeng; Joe Stevens; Calli Ramsay; Teo; David Rothenberg
This Consemble is now closed for contribution but open for listening

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