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PMusic - Consemble: Plymouth  
An 'open source'-inspired compositional project for 'Distributed City' at the Sonic Arts Network EXPO 2007
Consemble: Plymouth licence
Theme: Plymouth New Build
'Building the Sounds of the Art School We Want to Live In'
 Licence: By invitation - May to June 2007
 The brief:  
In September 2007 the University of Plymouth's Fine Art course moved from Exeter to Plymouth. One of the new locations used by the course is the Royal William Yard - also the venue for the Sonic Arts Network's Expo 2007 (22nd-25th June). To inaugurate the move, Chameleon Lectra created a special licence within its Consemble 'Open Compositions' project.
This licence facilitated members of the Fine Art team at the University of Plymouth's Faculty of Arts in submitting original (i.e. non-copyrighted) sounds - pitched or unpitched - for the purpose of constructing a new sound art/music work entitled 'Consemble: Plymouth'.
 Son number: 60  
Sarah Bennett, Steve Berry, Matt Byrne, Phil Cutler, John Danvers, Andy Klunder, Mike Lawson-Smith, Anya Lewin, Katy MacLeod, Peter Pay, Phil Power, Paul Ramsay, Debbie Robinson, Simon Standing, Steve Thorpe, Tony Walker
'Consemble: P(lymouth)' premiered online for Expo 2007 - thank you to all who took part. 
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