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PMusic - Consemble: C
brief & information
Consemble: C licence
Theme: the idea of voice
Son type: vox
 Licence: Open from 14th July 2007 until 31st Aug 2008
 The brief:
Voice is the one musical instrument most of us carry everywhere. Voices can talk or sing, whisper or shout, babble or articulate. Of course, the human voice is not the only possibility - many animals have 'voices', musical instruments can make vocal sounds, wind 'sighing' in the trees can 'tell' stories etc. - there are no wrong answers here - just the idea of voice.
This Consemble asked for sounds that speak to this theme.

laugh - cry - describe - ululate - narrate - question - chant - burble - utter
 Son number: 60  
PR; Nomi; Jessica and Caitlin Ramsay; Teofo Matlapeng; Emma
Michel Banabila; Kevin Larmon; Renzo Filinich; Escha Romain; Val BoganRainer Krause
Consemble C1 is now closed for contribution but open for listening

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Open Compositions - Consemble: C