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Sketch books are used primarily to have a conversation with oneself. How, then, can one make them available to an audience? My solution to this is to construct these 'pages' so that they assemble a sketchBook: a use of the medium of the web to present information of different kinds intended to form a coherent whole.

In print (certainly if we are seen to be 'professional') I could not have presented the above paragraph in less than a fixed state. The implication being that I had considered the statement carefully enough to be confident that it could be rendered in static, unchanging form. But since hypertext allows for fluidity, I can post this paragraph today and change it tomorrow, or within an hour or next year. This sketchBook is ready to be added to, subtracted from, changed and posted. There is no need for the closure of print to bestow authority upon it - any authority that exists is in a contract between writer and reader.

So what kind of information is here? Well, certainly the sketchBook is intended to be informative, in a way, but the word information is not quite appropriate. The tone of things is more diaristic, accommodating different levels of experience simultaneously while not pretending that there is a sole author or observer of them. To use a computing metaphor: if the artworks presented here on this site were written by an underlying code then this sketchBook may be one way to get a handle on that code.
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