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generative music - music of changes - chance music - indeterminate composition
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Imagine going to a music shop and buying a new CD, tape or record. When you take it home, you play it, decide that you like it and it becomes a firm favorite. You know that everytime you hear it, it is a reliable source of entertainment and pleasure. This is Rmusic or 'recorded' music.
- now:
Imagine buying a new album, but this time in CD ROM format to be played on a computer.
And everytime you play this album the music will be different. There will be no definitive version. The music will change and grow with you.

This is Parallel Music: a new musical system that generates original performances from pre-recorded material. All you need to play it is a computer connected to loudspeakers or headphones and a CD ROM (or web connection) containing Parallel Music or 'PMusic'.

Chameleon Lectra functions as a creative organisation promoting and releasing PMusic pieces. Several projects are underway as more ideas are being developed:

Visit 'Consemble' - for an open compositions project in which you can contribute your own sounds.

Free PMusic pieces now available: hear SINGLES * 'The Sound of the Field' * 'Mobile Dawn In An Old World Garden' * 'Consemble: Plymouth' and Consembles A to K.

For more information go to more about PMusic.

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PMusic: parallel music always the same - and never the same