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PMusic: Pieces Online
The PMusic area of this site provides free online pieces - indeterminate music compositions - as lectra (electronic art forms).

Although these pieces are intended to be experienced primarily as music, attention has also been given to their visual presentation, drawing upon a variety of influences including: earlier sound reproduction (and its representation), album cover art, mail art, radical texts, painting, bookworks, blueprints, crystal formations and more...

The items presented directly under the PMusic Pieces Online: menu heading are primarily the work of Paul Ramsay (although some pieces feature listed collaborations).

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The first to be presented here are the 'SINGLES' - a collection of disposable yet indispensible Parallel Music spins.

March 16th - April 5th 2007 saw the exhibiting of 'Mobile Dawn' both at the Egenis Building, University of Exeter and online (complete with notes).

These works will soon be followed by longer compositional projects.

The items presented under the Open Compositions: heading are also online PMusic pieces but are entirely collaborative works given the nature of the Open Compositions project. The first of these was 'The Sound of the Field' sound art mail art project, followed by Consemble: Plymouth (both 2007).

Consemble - the open compositions project for a general audience - is now live (begun 14th July 2007).

This site will also feature interactive bookworks as lectra and offer PMusic compositions for sale in the form of CD ROMs and downloads. These will be announced as they become available and relevant menu headings will be provided.
PMusic: parallel music always the same - and never the same