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Consemble: F licence
Consemble: F
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Above are three 'trawls' (RMusic versions) for you to hear from this indeterminate work.
Theme: washed up on your island
Son type: sonic flotsam

 Licence: Open from 1st Feb until 31st Aug 2009

 The brief:
Flotsam is material that falls off of a ship by chance. This Consemble invited you to collect those sounds that have washed up on the beach of your island.

This island may be your real life or an imaginary place.

Sounds were floated to this Consemble.

 Son number: 65

PR (6 initial sons from Nikola Basic's 'Sea Organ' in Zadar, Croatia); Al Samuypra; Ron Crowcroft; Lewis Hubert; Ádám Kondor; Jack Hubert and Anna Fowler; David Dellafiora and Susan Hartigan; Emma Payne; Maurizio Follin; Tebogo Matlapeng; Jay C. Batzner; Teo; Paulo Chagas; David Rothenberg

This Consemble is now closed for contribution but open for listening

© Paul Ramsay
this work is issued under creative commons licence CC BY-SA 4.0 CClicence

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