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Consemble: A licence
Consemble: A
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Above are three 'trawls' (RMusic versions) for you to hear from this indeterminate work.
Theme: Snapshot
Son type: found sounds

 Licence: Open from 14th July 2007 until 31st Aug 2008

 The brief:
Imagine you have been given a small, lightweight camera and asked to make a quick documentation of your environment - now re-imagine, instead of a camera, you have a sound recorder. Where do you go?

This Consemble invited people to assemble a collage of sonic snapshots.

Sounds collected include: an electric fan, cooker ignition, coffee jar twist, flute and perc soundtrack, dropped apples, calor gas gongs, footsteps on Devon slate, dog sniff, builder's tools, garden ambience, tv bursts, Daihikaku Senkoji bell, park skittles and a rather nostalgic harp...

 Son number: 41

PR; Rod Ramsay; Martin (from Headphonica); Adam and Leanna Ramsay; Cyrus; Pauline Chee-A-Nam; Osvaldo Cibils; Wayne Stefano; Lisa Katzenstein; Geoff Stocker; Kathleen Ramsay; Jack Morris; Dick Brownridge-Macleod

This Consemble is now closed for contribution but open for listening

© Paul Ramsay
this work is issued under creative commons licence CC BY-SA 4.0 CClicence

As this was the very first Consemble project launched, I kept the brief quite broad and welcoming to all contributors (14 in total, including myself).
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Consemble is an Open Compositions project
PMusic: parallel music
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