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The term 'RMusic' or recorded music was coined by Paul Ramsay in 1997 to differentiate it from Ramsay's computer-based 'PMusic' or parallel music. RMusic refers to all forms of recorded (i.e. fixed) music: technologies such as record, tape, CD - even mp3 and other digital formats. The defining feature of RMusic is its reliability, its unchanging nature. The advent of recorded music has brought a great wealth of valuable materials to our culture.

With the development of all forms of generative music however (including PMusic) it is necessary to make a distinction between the two: the 'fixed' and the 'fluid', the capturing of moments (when replayed, the same every time) and the performative (different every time).

The outlet for designated RMusic pieces by Paul Ramsay (and one album by Robert Jarvis) is the Motile record label.

You can buy Motile albums as downloads or as CDs by Post (UK only - £9.99)
RMusic: recorded music
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