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Consemble: J
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Above are three 'trawls' (RMusic versions) for you to hear from this indeterminate work.
Theme: pond life
Son type: small bios

 Licence: By invitation - 21st May 2010 to 31st May 2011

 The brief:
When I was 11 I stumbled across a large stagnant pond and the small creatures I found living in it have fascinated me ever since.

Let's fill this Consemble with aural liquids in which tiny sonic creatures swim...

for Mike Lawson-Smith

 Son number: 50

Helen Pritchard; Paul Ramsay; Deborah Robinson; David Strang

label photo (of triops longicaudatus) by Phillip Ramsay

This Consemble is now closed for contribution but open for listening
-it may be repopulated from time to time

© Paul Ramsay
this work is issued under creative commons licence CC BY-SA 4.0 CClicence

Consemble is an Open Compositions project
PMusic: parallel music
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