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Magic Stones
by Robert Jarvis
The title of this CD comes from a listening game played by young visitors to the Portmore Nature Reserve in Northern Ireland who would be invited to take a 'magic stone', grasp it, and with their eyes closed see what they could hear.

In the moment of stillness offered to them by the game, sounds that would usually be ignored would seep into the consciousness of the listeners. As a result the players would become aware of not only the detail of those sounds surrounding them but also the wonder of them, and before long imaginations would run riot....

In like manner, the compositions on this CD have been written to inspire a certain type of listening. All of them have in common an interest in a sense of place or time and many either take their inspiration from, or make use of, sounds from the surrounding environment.

The music seeks to entice new appreciations of the sonic landscape and aims to (re)connect the listener with its musicality and the stories within it.
Robert Jarvis (2006)

Tracks from this CD won in the New Media category at the British Composer Awards 2005 and 2006
Magic Stones by Robert Jarvis
RMusic 002
compositions relating to a sense of time and place
UPC: 634479214615Robert Jarvis
£9.99 (CD) including p&p from the UK
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    track list:
1  Tolan’s Point
2  Magic Stones
3  Disappear
4  Tectonic
5  Liquid
6  St Mary’s Dogs
7    Mossley Mill : The Factory Gate
8    Mossley Mill : In To Work
9    Mossley Mill : A Dangerous Practice
10    Mossley Mill : Threading Memories
11  Wild

Alistair Blackwood (guitar)
Peter Cook (alto sax)
Jacques Foschia (bass clarinet)
Greg Hagger (electric bass)
Andrea Hess (cello)
Robert Jarvis (trombone)
Catherine Smith (oboe)
Brian Spencer-Smith (synth samples)
Ian Swatman (clarinets)
and students from:
Mossley & St MacNissi’s Primary Schools (percussion samples)

(Magic Stones):
Eddie Franklin
(Mossley Mill):
Lizzie Hamill
John Kernoghan
Teeny McKeown

Thanks also to:

Arts Council of Northern Ireland
Arts Council England South East
Carla Scaletti & Kurt Hebel of Symbolic Sound Corporation
Julie McGowan
Kent Rural Action
Krystyna Matyjaszkiewicz
Megan Johnston
Mick Grierson
Millennium Court Arts Centre
Newtownabbey Borough Council
Pie Factory Music
Siobhán Timoney
Victoria Pomery

Dylan Woolf ('Disappear' portrait)
Phillip Ramsay (marbles for Track List)

Cover Design:
Robert Jarvis and Paul Ramsay
  Music recorded, composed and produced by Robert Jarvis:
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