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about the Motile record label
• The MOTILE recordLabel will release CDs in the form of RMusic(Recorded Music) to be played on conventional CD players - Chameleon Lectra will also release multimedia CDs of PMusic (Parallel Music) to be played on computers.

• The MOTILE recordLabel is dedicated to the release of albums that combine improvisation, experimentation and/or other radical approaches to explore new musical territories - now only £9.99 per album (including p&p).

• You can buy MOTILE albums as music CDs by Post in the UK - and tracks as digital downloads from iTunes

• As its name suggests, MOTILE is a place for movement, flexibility and freedom of thought: an agent of travel. Our ambition is to provide you with an intelligent space through which to explore various ideas of what an independent record Label can be. MOTILE are currently considering the development of the 'album cover' for our future releases and exploring alternative ways of providing you some free music downloads.

You can buy Motile albums as downloads or as CDs by Post (UK only - £9.99)
RMusic: recorded music
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