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introducing the first CD new music release from Motile:
by Paul Ramsay
Inlets is a series of piano-led improvisations which have been developed using strings and other textures. In creating it I combined aspects of classical music with recording processes and strategies found elsewhere to produce an album that’s something of a hybrid. It feels to me as if it's between territories.

The album was recorded during the months of August / September / November and has an autumnal 'feel', conjuring aspects of the English weather - a celebration of grey skies, rain, misty mornings and dark, evening journeys home - as well as sun and air. It dwells on small things: small life, small moments, fleeting moods, in a collection of miniatures.

It's not ambient music but you could leave a window open when playing ;-)
'Window' by Sarah Bennett
Paul Ramsay - Torquay 2004
Inlets by Paul Ramsay
RMusic 001 - in the territory between classical and experimental
UPC: 634479105388Paul Ramsay
£9.99 (CD) including p&p from the UK
Inlets CD can be ordered internationally from CDBaby
digital downloads are available from iTunes
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