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a collection of hand-picked music links for you Motile considers to be a breath of fresh air...
AudioRom Originators of the 'ShiftControl' CD - a presentation of interactive music environments  
Earle Brown   Composer renowned for one of the most radical of all musical scores: 'December 1952' - CD
John Cage   Key C20th composer, philosopher, writer ...and an inventor 'of genius'. Cage recognised the creative potential of indeterminacy.
Cognitive Applications   Digital company responsible for the realisation of many innovative projects including DVD-ROM: 'The Magical Worlds of Joseph Cornell'  
Max Eastley   Unique, radical, multidisciplinary Sound Artist whose collaborative albums include 'Buried Dreams' and 'Day For Night'  
Brian Eno   Musical strategtician who proved 'intelligent rock musician' is NOT an (R)oxymoron  
Fluxus   Anti-art movement including George Maciunas, George Brecht, Yoko Ono and others...  
Robert Fripp   A musician who embraces Discipline  
Macy Gray   Truly original soul diva  
Improvisation   'How do I know what to do next?'  
John Matthias   for solo work, 'Cortical Songs' with Nick Ryan and 'The Fragmented Orchestra' with Nick Ryan and Jane Grant  
OMSK collective   Sophisticated art projects with an anarchic spirit  
OULIPO   'Workshop of Potential Literature' - formed in 1960 by a group of writers and mathematicians  
Resonance FM   A radio station with the community spirit of improvised music   A non-profit online platform for the global new media art community
SODA   'Soda combines an arts and research practice with a broad range of commercial activities...' see also Sodaplay
SSYEO   Developers of KOAN software for creating generative music - a form of algorithmic composition - see also PMusic: Links page  
The Termite Club   The Termite Club, Leeds, promotes free-jazz-molten-noise, improv and other extreme and experimental musics.  
twerk   Shawn Hatfield's beautifully designed musicsite  
The Wire   Improvisational and experimental music magazine  
Robert Wyatt   'The one performer in England that EVERYONE there respects and loves - the punks, the art rockers, everyone.'  
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