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Motile RMusic 001: Inlets by Paul Ramsay - classical-contemporary, experimental, electronica, improv
by Paul Ramsay
Track list:


1 by the water
2 piano with insects and birds
3 gardens of versailles, 1901
4 eliz
5 tidal inlets
6 partly dreamed wings
7 bee narratives
8 bus lane in fog
9 purposeful morning (rain in mist)
10 stone flowers over early mist
11 dragonflies (surface tension)
12 the pond
13 gnats
14 daphnia
15 suddenly on a boat
16 stream into tributaries
17 park
18 sky touch blue (dusk, 9th november)
'Inlets' digital downloads are available from iTunes
and also
Rhapsody (US),
Tradebit, Napster and PayPlay
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