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Field Study is an international Mail Art group begun in 1993 by David Dellafiora and Benedict Phillips. Since its inception, Field Study members have been involved in a variety of projects, including group shows, performances, installations, bookworks, sound art, solo activities and community work. For some live projects see the Field Study International blog. Each year members send 100 A5 pages as their contribution to the Field Report; in turn they receive a copy of the report. This publication - 'The Journal of Field Study International' - is assembled and distributed by David Dellafiora who also places it within archives (such as Artpool), libraries and collections. The current list of members runs to over 200. Field Study members with their own websites include: Martha Aithchison, Keith Bates, Mark Pawson and Benedict Phillips

Field Study terms
( - taken from a description in the 1995 Field Report):
'Field Study originates from a decision made in 1993 to reclaim the negative spaces on a CV i.e. the gaps. By claiming these gaps, 'Time' is seen as whole and continuous, this we call The Field. Thoughts formulated from data from The Field is known as Field Study. Activities stemming from Field Study become Emanations and group emanations resulting in events as Manifestations, returning full circle back into The Field'

Anyone wishing to join Field Study and/or take part in its activities should email David Dellafiora -
postal address: Field Study, P.O. Box 1838, Geelong, Vic 3220, Australia 
The Field Study blog is at: daviddellafiora.blogspot.com

Chameleon Lectra online project 2007: 'The Sound of the Field' - sound art, mail art project
this, in turn, led to Consemble

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