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Motile artist:
Robert Jarvis
Composer, performer, animateur
Robert Jarvis by Dylan Woolf
Photo: Dylan Woolf
Magic Stones

Robert Jarvis:
'Magic Stones'
• RMusic 002
- release date
5th June 2006

Robert Jarvis works mainly as a sound artist and is involved in a wide range of creative activities. As a keen collaborator he has worked with 'experts' from many other disciplines, including outside of the arts; however, much of his work engages with those who do not see themselves as specialists. He is involved in the creation of temporary and permanent sound pieces. His projects have at their centre not only the creation and performance of new work but also the process of creating that work. As a result, he often engages with local communities as a piece is developed, making the connection in order to understand how others interpret a particular concept as well as to help demystify his creative process.

In recent years Robert has been concentrating on soundscape composition using found-sounds from specific areas. This work is concerned with encouraging people to listen to the often-neglected sound of their environments and for them to question how they relate to their surroundings. As a result, his pieces open up new worlds for those that come into contact with his work, posing new questions and enticing new appreciations of the sonic landscape. Robert has won twice in the British Composer Awards New Media category: in 2005 for 'Disappear' and in 2006 for 'Magic Stones' - both tracks part of the Magic Stones album.

Robert's 'Echolocation' proposal was shortlisted for the PRS Foundation New Music Award 2008 and has received the PRSF's Live Connections Award for future performances. Robert was also shortlisted for the New Music Award (2010) for his sound installation 'aroundNorth', in Northern Ireland.

'Magic Stones' (RMusic 002) is Robert's first CD album with Motile, featuring compositions related to sense of place and time.
Robert Jarvis has his own website at

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RMusic: recorded music You can buy the 'Magic Stones' CD from CDBaby (International) or by Post (UK only - £9.99)