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Motile RMusic 001: Inlets by Paul Ramsay - Music Improvisations rescued as Planned Compositions
by Paul Ramsay

PR photo (Torquay Rock): Teofo Matlapeng
Window drawings: Sarah Bennett
Internalised guides: Max Eastley, the Omega Ensemble; Jacqueline Rance; Mimi Tessier; Robin Watts
Encouragement: Mike Lawson-Smith
Authors (lateral influence): EM Forster; HP Lovecraft; DG Mackean

many thanks from Paul to all the above and also: Andy Howell, Nomi, Ashley Potter, Phillip Ramsay, Geoffrey Stocker and T (Motile muse)

Inlets is dedicated to Kath and Rod
Paul Ramsay photo
Paul Ramsay

a 'Slap My Aura' production - recorded @ studio 51

Recorded using:
Logic Audio 6; G4 mac;
Quattro USB Audio Interface;
MAudio AudioBuddy
studio 51

Soft Synths: es1, esP, esM, esE; 'Crystal'; 'Zebra'
Samplers: exsp24; 'crossfade loop synth'
other Digital: evb3, evp73
Keyboards: Technics sx-KN930; Casiotone MT-41
Field Recordings: Sharp MD-MT161 minidisk recorder;
Sony ECM-MS957 microphone
other Analogue: 'bad' trumpet, electric guitar

'Ambience' and 'dfx transverb'; 'Blockfish';
'more feedback machine'; 'Expert Sleepers Phaser'

smell: Marjoram key: Piano; Water
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