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Paul Ramsay
Paul Ramsay photoo
.Photo: Lesley Hubert
Inlets by Paul Ramsay Paul Ramsay:
RMusic 001
released 24th May 2004
Paul Ramsay has been interested in music and especially the album as a cultural unit, from a very early age. After writing and recording music in his teens he went on to train as a recording engineer and briefly, a record-cutting engineer. Feeling that he was the wrong side of the mixing desk, Paul became a member of various bands including 'PGRS' (1 album: 'Photographs of Sound' 1979), the Southampton-based improvising music quintet 'The Omega Ensemble' and the guitar duo 'Four Point Paint' with Robin Watts.

Interest in the visual arts led to a degree in Visual and Performing Arts at Brighton Polytechnic where he composed pieces for dance, developed new strategies for painting and produced video installation work. After graduating in 1990 Paul issued a series of artist's bookworks on his imprint Alembic Books (relaunched in July 2013). From 1993-6 he developed a series of multimedia works using image, text and music, and an indeterminate compositional system entitled Parallel Music or 'PMusic'. Chameleon Lectra was initially conceived purely as an outlet for PMusic pieces but has evolved into something broader. PR currently lectures in Fine Art at Plymouth University and is a member of both Rhizome and Sound and Music.

Sound works include: 'Frictional Account' exhibited in 'Works Of Friction' (2007) (with artist Steve Thorpe); 'etude 23' premiered at the Sound and Film (Voices Festival) (2008); Consemble (2007-12); 'Mobile Dawn In An Old World Garden' (2007) and 'An Embroidery of British Birdsong' (2012) both for EGENIS, University of Exeter.
Ongoing projects are: 'Songs of Garden Guitars' and 'MAAKOF' (2015-)

'Inlets' (RMusic 001) is Paul's first CD album with Motile, and is described as being 'in the territory between classical and experimental'.
Paul Ramsay has a blog: 'PRs Album' and a website at
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