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PMusic: Singles notes
by Paul Ramsay

press play for spoken introduction and forward for RMusic versions of the Singles
This SINGLES project provides an opportunity to air some PMusic pieces to an audience for free. Each one is a relatively small-scale composition suited to the idea of the three minute single and allows for the opportunity of trying out ideas and 'audience testing' this ever-changing music.

Another useful aspect of the Single as a motif is its suggestion of expediency: some of these pieces, especially the earlier ones, are low tech recordings (as in Punk) but I decided to release them as (for me at least) they win on charm. Later recordings will explore a range of approaches, some in collaboration with other musicians.

I'm also interested in how the 'cover' can be the extension of the 'record' (see 'rethinking Albums') and have explored this idea to develop the visual aspect of the work. I intend to develop this further as more Singles are created.

The prefix for these pieces is 'EP' as all PMusic is 'extended play' ;-) - future PMusic releases will be larger-scale projects and some will be available to buy as downloads and in CD ROM format. Keep an eye on the site or email for details.              

SINGLES was first made available on 11th April 2006

Current releases are:
EP001 'Plum Blossom' (11th April 2006)

EP002 'Towards T' (11th April 2006)
EP003 'Andante Courtship' (11th April 2006)
EP004 'Liquid Birdsong' (26th July 2006)
EP005 'Our Devonian Lagoon' (30th March 2008) 
EP006 'eTude 23' (30th March 2008)
EP007 'A Walk Away From You' (9th September 2010) - a collaboration with Carla J. Patterson
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