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about PMusic:

PMusic or 'Parallel Music' is a compositional method I have been working on since 1994. Influenced both by my involvement in improvised music and an interest in the use of chance as an artistic strategy, PMusic is a computer-based form of indeterminate music that is 'always the same and never the same', each playing giving a unique performance.

The example I use to illustrate the potential is the compact disc: whereas conventional CDs give a reliable, linear musical experience, imagine a CD that gave unpredictable, fresh music every time you played it. PMusic's main compositional challenge is to provide an effective 'musical' experience every time a piece is played. If the compass of a piece is too narrow, the point of the indeterminacy is lost; if it is too wide, then the composition loses a sense of identity and becomes a rather amorphous experience, questioning its function as music.

Perhaps PMusic's main, current distinguishing feature is that it uses sound recordings as opposed to synthesised sounds and it is the exploration of the potential of these sounds (or 'Sons') and a range of accompanying and indeterminately-chosen performance rules (or 'Nets') that provides my ongoing, compositional interest.

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